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How An Attorney Can Help You with Corporate Compliance for Publicly Held Companies

Last updated on November 18, 2014

Being a business owner is both rewarding and challenging. Helping and serving others leaves you feeling satisfied and eager to continue doing what you love, but having to deal with issues like taxes, bookkeeping and legalities may leave you ready to give up and become an employee in someone else’s company. Corporate compliance is one issue that requires the assistance of someone who deals with the topic regularly and is well-versed in best practices.

Martin Russo, attorney at law, makes your business his business and is able to help you with corporate compliance for your public company. Failing to comply with corporate compliance requirements can result in serious legal consequences which will waste far more resources than taking the time, money and effort to follow them from the start. Hefty fines, penalties and government sanctions may be imposed if your company fails to adhere to corporate compliance laws.

Attorney Martin Russo can help you with:

  • Developing your company’s compliance plans, manuals and codes of conduct.
  • Adhering to the federal securities law’s reporting and disclosure requirements.
  • Complying with the securities exchange and self-regulatory organization requirements.
  • Training and educating employees in related matters.
  • Conducting internal audits on the company.
  • Guiding you on privacy and security issues.

Attorney Russo is available to offer you guidance from his extensive knowledge and experience so that you can address each of the compliance issues thoroughly. By being proactive in your approach you can avoid future legal problems and remain compliant with the applicable government guidelines and regulations.

One thing that is certain in every business is that you will run into unexpected and unforeseen problems that you’re not able to handle on your own. He is here to handle those issues for you so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

For a consultation to discuss corporate compliance of your publicly held company with Martin Russo, attorney at Gusrae Kaplan, contact him at 1-212-269-1400 today. He will help you create an effective corporate compliance plan that meets both the needs of your company and the government requirements.

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